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we're dorks who make icons
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Here's a place where we can post our icons! Only a few people can post, but anyone can join. Feel free to take our icons, critize them, or do whatever you please. We're not picky.

Anything goes in this community. If it's in our interests, we've iconed it. Just look for it. (mwahaha)

We do however have rules. They're more like guidelines really... (ok, bad joke) Groaner foul!! (ok, another bad joke) but come to think of it, they are guidelines...


1. please comment and credit to icon__dorks blah blah blah, encourgeing words, pimping ourselves... well, you don't have to comment if you're shy... crediting is nice though. Well, as long as you don't claim it as your own. That's plagerism. That's illegal.
2. and No Hotlinking, not only is it not very nice, but it sort of screws us over. And then we don't bring you lovely dorky icons anymore!

Banner by hesacrazy1 textures from sevtex

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