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March 31st, 2008

Crazy Icon Dump!

EVU pretty lamp post
Another post where I thought I had like 20 or so icons to post, and it winds up being about 100! I really need to work on this... Or get a life. Or both.

It's random an uneven =( lol

109 Total:
3 Alexz Johnson
28 Instant star
(8 w/ text)
12 Lee Pace (4 w/ Anna Friel)
4 Britney Murphy
2 House
(episode 412)
4 Jessica Stam
4 Jim Sturgess
4 Joseph Gordon Levitt
28 Skins
(Series 1, general and episodes 204 and 205)
4 Zac Efron
15 Fashion

I'll have a structured post at some point!Collapse )

December 27th, 2007

But then I started uploading and found about 100 =/// So for that I apologize. Because it's all kind of random too.

108 Icons Total:
36 Pushing Dasies
(Ep: 1x08) (2 text)
20 ZACH ATTACK! (Zachary Levi/Zachary Quinto and Zach Braff) (2 text)
8 Emma Watson
12 Kristen Bell
(with some Veronica Mars and Heroes cast)
4 Ari Larter
4 James Marsden
4 Zooey Deschanel
/Ellen Von Unwerth
4 Keira Knightley
16 Fashion Photography

Here they are!Collapse )

November 28th, 2007

Small post cause I feel like it, and really, that's all that matters =)

36 Total:
20 Chuck/cast
16 Heroes cast

oh yes.Collapse )

November 2nd, 2007

mmm icon time!

EVU pretty lamp post
So I wanted a few more icons for this post, but i've been making a few icons at a time since the last post, and I want to post them, and I'm bored.

ooh! and I made johnny depp icons! I kind of forgot about him =(( but who else is excited for Sweeney Todd??? I had a chance to see the musical! but stupid band got in the way! oh well, at least i'll see the movie! haha.

64 Total
12 Charlize Theron
12 Ellen Von Unwerth
8 Johnny Depp
4 Katherine Heigl
4 Keira Knightley
16 Pushing Daisies
4 Rilo Kiley
4 Scarlett Johanssen

cutty cutty cut cutCollapse )

September 20th, 2007

64 Icons.

EVU pretty lamp post
I should be cleaning my room, but I have to say, this is infinately more amusing to my brain!

And easier on my nose!

Dust makes me sneeze. I guess I'm allergic to cleaning! Oh well! =)

64 Total:
16 Fashion Photography
8 Heroes Cast
8 Kate Walsh
(at the Emmy's)
4 Kirsten Bell (at the Emmy's)
8 Keira Knightley
4 Maggie Gyllenhaal
4 Hayley Williams
(of Paramore)
12 Rilo Kiley

Kind of a random post?Collapse )

August 23rd, 2007

58 Icons

EVU pretty lamp post
I hate when I count wrong. I thought I had 60. Nice round number. I was all excited.

These icons all look oddly similar. I hope you like them anyway hahaha.

4 Anne Hathaway
8 Eva Green
4 Hayden Panettiere
8 Milo Ventimiglia
18 Heroes
4 Kate Winslet
12 Keira Knightley

Just imagine 2 more.Collapse )

August 9th, 2007


EVU pretty lamp post
Notes to self, no more iconing at 2 in the morning, and no more text icons =)

They're kind of strange... but I like them.

I think they got kind of strange because I was using bases for the Wicked icons, and then I started to feel really unoriginal, and so I started doing very wierd things... However, it's not possible for Jessica Stam to be unattractive, so it's okay!

44 Total
20 Jessica Stam
8 Paramore/Hayley Williams
16 Wicked
(4 text)

Kind of a small post.Collapse )

August 2nd, 2007

First off, apparently Harry Potter wasn't just a fun fantasty book for children, it was also a wonderful satire on Homosexual Behavior in today's society Hogwarts is actually somewhere in San Fransisco


I don't know why I'm really posting icons, I just feel like... it's time.

69 Total
18 Chicago
5 Christina Ricci
37 It's A Mall World
(Mostly Jacob/The Emo Kid Song)
3 Milo Ventimiglia
4 Kirsten Dunst
14 Lily Allen
7 Scarlett Johansson
4 Milla Jovovich

It's A Mall World after all!Collapse )

July 27th, 2007

I dont know... I'm bored, but i'm going through all my icons I've ever posted, and now I'm reposting my faves... Just because... it's my freaking community and I can do what I want!

(And I have an ego/god-complex)

There also in some sort of chronologial order seeing as how I started from the earliest entry. haha.

Oh yes.Collapse )

July 14th, 2007

I made the photography/lyrics ones, and I couldn't wait to post them! Also the ones I have yet to post!

Also, i've been experimenting with textures/brushes (which I've done before, and it hasn't come out good...) I think I did a little better this time. That's up to you I guess. HA!

50 icons total:
3 Amanda Bynes
12 House Cast
(Jen, Jesse, Jesse/Jen, Hugh)
7 Harry Potter Cast
10 Milo Ventimiglia
18 Photography/Lyrics
(Psapp, Sara Bareilles)

Next stop... Vegas please!Collapse )
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